Your day to day is the only therapy you need.

This is going to be the most hippie thing you ever hear me say… But seriously, it’s all about the vibes. 

I’ve spent most of this summer in the back seat of a candy apple red mustang convertible and ill tell you something, that’s just about all the therapy I need. Throw in a daily uniform of sweatpants and Timberlands and a once a week pamper day and you’ve got what I call ‘permanent vacation’.

I don’t care what your work schedule looks like, if you maintain a daily injection of good times, even the smallest shift in mentality will turn your life into one big holiday. 

Daily life, work, finances and fitness can all be causes of stress day to day, so you need to get ahold of something very important first: 

No matter how bad it gets, you’re still better off than 99% of the world.

You’re blessed. Very blessed.

I know sometimes it’s hard to see, and the the mundane flow of bill paying or education can become a burden of sorts. Regardless of all this, you need to change your outlook and watch how it changes your output.


Music is key. Think of it as the soundtrack to the movie that is your life. Your daily playlists can make you feel sad, happy, motivated, pumped etc. You know this already. Pick a good soundtrack and cruise the highway like it’s you’re world to be conquered.


Once again. Key. 

The way you see yourself is going to eventually reflect how you’re seen. There is a certain confidence that comes with feeling great and consiquently looking great. Workout the way your ideal self would workout. If you want to be a goal crushing savage. Train like one. Combine this with your life blood playlist and you’ve got yourself a winning morning ritual which will pay off every single day. 

Here’s a thought, picture what your ideal self would look like, find a photo of that, and wake up to that photo every day before working out. You watch, it will happen.

Take a break from being unstoppable 

The implication of this being that you hustle hard 90% of the time, so you can treat yourself the rest of the time. Everyone has a day off. Make it an actual day off. Not to get religious on you, but a sabbath day is a concept not just for the ancients. It works. 

At risk of sounding obnoxiously pretentious. I spend my days off doing things that make me feel amazing. My days look like this: sleep in, workout, eat food, chill out by the pool, facial, peticure, massage, green tea, favorite tv show and a great playlist to tie the day together. 

This ritual changes regularly depending on season and location. For example, before I was a vegan, I would eat a really strict caloric intake all week and Friday go to an Indian buffet where I would eat enough to put them out of business. (Work hard enough to take a proper cheat day people, you’ll thank me later).

Once again, picture what your ideal self would do on your day off and find a way of doing that affordably. If I can do it as a 22 year old starving artist. So can you. 

Go out and be unstoppable. 

Instagram: @mitchelluther

Snapchat: mitchel_luther


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