Workout: Back & Biceps

It’s Saturday. Time to get up early, eat cereal, watch cartoons and be un-stoppable. 

Today, I’m training back and biceps. I’m going to kill it extra hard because last night (despite looking myself in the mirror and verbally telling myself I wouldn’t do this) I ate an entire jar of peanut butter. This is a problem I have, I’m working through it, I need help, stop judging me. 

Crank this for 45 minutes, go find a hot tub, enjoy the end of summer. 

  • 4 sets of 10 chin-ups. Chest to bar.

Don’t waist your time half-assing these. If you can’t do 10 in a row, drop off for a few seconds till you can finish your set. Pause at the bottom of each rep for honesty.

  • 10 sets of bent over barbel row (ladder)

Start out with the bar and add weight every set until you’re at your 5 rep max, then go back down. 

Do hanging leg raises in bettween each set for an extra good time.

  • 4 sets Lat pull down (drop set)

4 sets of lat pull downs using a cable machine. Start each set with your 5 rep max then drop the weight by 20% until you cannot do anymore. Even if that means getting down to 10lbs at 25 reps consiquently wanting to rip your arms off and throw them away. 

  • Kettle Bell swings EMOM (every minute on the minute) 10mins.

Set a 10 minute timer, do ten reps at the start of every minute. When the timer ends you’ll have done 100 kettle bell swings. That’s when you reward yourself with good old fashioned core blast.

  • Bonus round: 3 rounds of ‘please kill me’ 
  1. 30 seconds Russian twists 
  2. 30 seconds flutter kicks
  3. 10 reps ab wheel
  4. 12 reps hanging windshield wipers 
  5. 30 seconds Farmers walk with 45pound plates or heaviest dumbbells you can find. 
  6. 1 minute plank. 

I’m going to finish this bad boy with 15 minutes of high intensity bag training. 

Enjoy your weekend guys. Feel free to comment any questions!

Instagram: @mitchelluther

Snapchat: mitchel_luther 


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