Diary Of An Ex-Carnivore: Day Five

Eat to Perform

I’m five days into this, and contrary to what I initially thought, I love it. What do I love about it? Everything.

Ever since becoming a fitness fanatic, I have always been very intentional about what I eat. Since becoming a vegan however, my intentionality with nutrition has drastically increased. I love that I can pronounce every ingredient on the back of whatever I’m eating, and I love the way I feel.

My energy levels have increased drastically, I am full for longer, and I’m saving time and money.

That last part was the biggest surprise to me. I initially thought I would be spending way more time on meal prep and even more money on groceries, but I was wrong. Without having to cook meat, my meal prep time for a whole day has dropped to about 10 minutes every morning, and since I don’t have to buy copious amounts of chicken and beef, my grocery bill has been cut in half!

One of the biggest concerns for me was going to be how this diet affected my training. I assumed I would have a lot less energy, and that my recovery would take a lot longer. Boy was I wrong.

My energy levels stay consistent all day, and I never feel hungry. Not only that, but my workouts have been a lot more explosive. Like I said yesterday, I’ve been intentionally keeping my workouts at a lower intensity, but I could easily do double what I’m doing with the amount of energy I have.

Recovery has felt great so far, and I’m sleeping better than I have in a long time, although it’s definitely too early to tell whether or not I’m losing or gaining muscle.

Other than that, the lack of dairy has kept me from bloating, and I just feel healthier over all.

I’m going to start looking for cosmetic and body products for the lifestyle section of this page this week, so if you guys have any suggestions for natural hair and body products I need to try, please comment.

The biggest key I’ve learned so far with vegan fitness, is eating to perform. Be intentional about what you’re eating and why. Don’t just eat something because it’s vegan. Make meals for yourself that are going to fuel you to perform at the best of your abilities. This is where you’ll find the biggest benefit in vegan diet and fitness.


8 thoughts on “Diary Of An Ex-Carnivore: Day Five

  1. Good for you! Yes, it is important to discern between simply vegan food and whole, nutritious food. There are lots of prepared and processed vegan foods out there. We have to be our own researchers and advocates when it comes to our wellness. Sounds like you are definitely on the right track!

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